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Is there a difference between all the words used to describe enlightenment?

“There are many different terms across spiritual traditions that seem to point to an enlightened state…

Isira TeachingsQ&A with IsiraUniversal Laws
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The disconnection that contributes to experiencing disease

There are three types of disconnection that can contribute to us experiencing disease. Firstly, disconnection from…

Isira TeachingsInner ConnectionUniversal Laws
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Four key sacred principles of Indigenous Lore

In this short clip, Isira talks about the 4 key principles of sacred indigenous lore -…

Isira TeachingsUniversal Laws
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The Innate Quality of Beingness

In this Satsang, Isira contrasts the tendency of the mind to quantify and categorise things. When…

Isira TeachingsUniversal Laws

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