Life Answers - 30 April 2017

A webinar where seekers have the opportunity to ask conscious questions to Isira. The questions during this session:

1. How can I stop feeling so internally restless everyday? – I want to face this moment without the urge to escape it. - 06:42
2. How can I regain my childhood uniqueness and profoundness and function in society? -10:23
3. I am working on being aware of fear and I would like guidance as to how best to develop my spiritual life. - 13:36
4. I am a woman living in Turkey. My question is about joblessness during the spiritual journey as a woman in a male dominated country. - 17:18
5. Where can I do meditation without having to worship any man? - 22:02
6. What’s the difference between the hara and tan tien? - 24:47
7. I’ve heard you talk about the presence having an element of becoming can you say a little more about what you mean by becoming? - 26:00
8. If there is only really oneness, one life, how can there be individual karma? Can you please speak about this? - 30:30
9. How should president Trump address the inevitable nuclear arming of North Korea? - 37:05