Life Answers - 29 May 2016

A webinar where seekers have the opportunity to ask conscious questions to Isira. The questions during this session:

1. I feel like my subtle bodies are not in alignment with my physical body. Why does this happen and how to fix it please? - 05:20
2. I experienced an accident with my front teeth followed by amazing dreams – any clues? - 07:50
3. I’m a writer and use the internet/computer daily - how can I keep myself grounded? - 10:00
4. Could you please speak about abortion? - 13:38
5. What is the symbolism of the animal heads on the people depicted in paintings from ancient Egypt? 20:12
6. Recently I have been experiencing a great deal of self-loathing about being so judgemental and opinionated. What is the best way to handle this? - 22:28
7. If everything happens as part of a pre-determined plan does karma exist? If so what function does it serve? - 26:50
8. My husband and I are wanting to have a family. We have so much love in our hearts to give a child. How can we increase our chances of conceiving? - 31:30
9. I have heard you talk about the mind as a tool. Can you say where it is in the human body and how it functions within this human form? - 33:40
10. I can find other people’s energy overwhelming and the situation seems to be getting more acute. Why is this happening to me and can I do anything about it? - 36:20
11. Can you please speak about how to deal with break-ups and recover a healthy sense of relationship with ourselves - especially feelings of humiliation and shame? - 41:36