Life Answers - 18 September 2016

A webinar where seekers have the opportunity to ask conscious questions to Isira. The questions during this session:

1. What is that which reincarnates and what happens when an enlightened person dies? - 06:04
2. I wanted to know something about the soul and the body energetic awareness, what are they? - 11:45
3. Why do I always feel uncomfortable around others? How does a person truly overcome crippling social anxiety? - 15:08
4. Isira how do you deal with the fact that there is torture, misery and extreme suffering going on each minute in the world? - 21:05
5. How do we learn to open up to love the self and how do we connect within whilst incorporating the function of relationship? - 24:03
6. I have been single for 13 years and have not found a deep meaningful connection with anyone. I feel stuck and unsure of what I am doing or not doing that is preventing me from finding someone. - 29:37
7. If there are dimensions that are not bound by space and time wouldn’t these dimensions be the most blissful states as they are not subject to the usual limitation? - 33:57
8. How can I trust life and myself again and have the courage to work towards my dreams when I don’t have any control over the outcome and I don’t feel I would be able to stand the pain that not meeting expectations could bring. How does one surrender to life completely? - 37:10