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Experience for your self the grace and power of conscious presence. Through the gift of
Enlightenment Isira transmits pure love, wisdom and guidance for your awakening.

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How can I remain peaceful when a loved one is in such pain?

Q&A: “How can one remain peaceful when interacting with loved ones in such pain that death…

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How to restore our connection to nature – Isira

Here is one for all you city and office dwellers... “You say connecting to nature is…

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Peace and Unity – Truth Talk with Isira

We all long for truth, for peace and love, and freedom. This longing leads us on…

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What should we do when we’re in the middle of conflict? Q&A with Isira

Isira is challenged that while the theory behind dealing with conflict is great... what do we…

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Is there a difference between all the words used to describe enlightenment? – Isira

“There are many different terms across spiritual traditions that seem to point to an enlightened state…

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Why do i need a spiritual guide to master meditation? Isira

Isira explores the important role a spiritual guide can play in helping one master and become…

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Are health and well-being enhanced through meditation?

Meditation is not a ‘nice to have spiritual concept’ - it is a scientifically proven way…

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What you need to know about meditation – Satsang With Isira

In this satsang, Isira busts some myths around what meditation is and what it isn’t. She…

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What is the meaning of – Tension is inevitable and conflict is optional? Q&A with Isira

Isira has often remarked that “tension is inevitable and conflict is optional”. What does this mean…

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Do we have contracts with other souls for learning? Q&A with Isira

To what extent do we have ‘contracts’ with different souls to facilitate each other’s learning, as…

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Conflict and Resolution – Truth Talk with Isira

In this talk, Isira explores the nature of conflict. Where does it arise from? What does…

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You will grow stronger and you will be ok – Q&A with Isira

In this moving interaction, Isira talks to a young person who is highly sensitised to energies…

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