The quest for Truth

Written: by Isira | Published: September 4, 2017

The quest for truth is as old as humanity. Throughout the ages we have been driven by a deep yearning to know and understand what life is really about. We have asked: what is THE Truth? What is the Truth of my life? What is the True meaning of life? What is the True path?

Interestingly all of these questions are driven by the mind. This very motion is linear and assessment oriented which means we are trying to explain or define something. The problem with this is that ‘truth’ as we experience it, is both subjective and constant. It is alive in the ever transient dance of life – never the same from one moment to the next, and in the constant presence – the source of life itself in which all things are drawn from and moving. Yet because humanity is so conditioned to explain things we are constantly focusing on this attempt to define and to make reality/God/Truth known. We become obsessed with this quest – looking for the right answer or the right path. In fact we are so driven by the fear of ‘not knowing’ that our path to Truth becomes our mechanism to protect us or to solve our problem. As long as we are attempting to follow the right path to truth we are following a line in the map of the mind – referenced by the past and trying to live in the future. Truth, conceived of through the references of past and future is the language of the mind – and the mind creates problems. All the problems that humanity is burdened with are the minds inventions.

Why is truth important?

Existence is a mystery, not a problem. Existence is to be lived, not to be solved. To be alive is to experience. To experience reality is to be free of explanation. To be alive is to be utterly present. The moment one even starts to explain this existence one is no longer being the experience. One is half dead. Then we miss the wonder of truth that is all around us, shining in the brightness of our NOW. Existence is a tremendously beautiful mystery. The mystery of it all IS its beauty, its joy, its wonder and delight. The moment we even begin to say – ah – this is what it truly is –  we have put a dull cloak around it and the beauty vanishes before our eyes. What we are really seeking is to be fully alive – to be completely at-one with the mystery – to experience it so deeply that we never miss a thing!

All explanations are tied to expectations. The moment we say – ‘this’ is the truth, ‘that’ is the path of truth, we are full of expectation – the expectation that this ‘truth’ will delivery us all that is needed to solve every problem. We are bound to be disappointed. We are tied to our own minds misery, our mentally created problem.

Why not allow life to have its dance, its song, without any expectations? Why can’t we simply live without these expectations? Why do we need to impose our mind upon the wonder of existence?

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