Today is a significant day

Written: by Isira | Published: October 26, 2019

Today is a significant day. Today, the sacred rock - Uluru - was reinstated as the sacred place it is: as a place of ancient, historical and current relevance. She is truly a center: of power, of ancient lore, creation laws, a universe of past present and future dreaming. She is the sacred ground of our First Nation people, of our ancestors, past, present and future. She is the creation field, a source of anchored power, a living center of Earth, a keeper of law, of people, of earth and cosmos dreaming. And I am deeply grateful that we can welcome the sacredness of our great center again, that finally, rightful honor and respect has been returned. I understand there are opposed views about the climbing of the rock, but let’s think about this - humans fundamentally love to climb something so big because it gives a sense of power, as if we have conquered something. But have we? What is there to conquer when it is we that remain the result of far greater forces, ultimately unconquerable. In the scheme of creation we are a tiny part - and we play but a small role in the creation of life - an ever unfolding sacred act. πŸ’› And so I acknowledge the infinite powers of creation. πŸ’› I acknowledge my ancestors, my dreaming... I acknowledge OURS - yours, mine, and all, as the One great dreaming.

It is now time to restore the spiritual relationship we can all share in our sacred places. πŸ’› May the sacred reawaken within the hearts and minds of all who visit Her here now, and for the future to come. πŸ’›

One Life, One Love