This is our home. Our world is burning.

Written: by Isira | Published: August 27, 2019

This is not just OUR home. Millions of lives are being killed. Our world is in peril. This is our wake up call, not for our own spiritual awards, but for the sake of all life on Earth.

THIS IS GOING TO BLOW YOUR MIND!! The Amazon blaze in Brazil is actually only third in the world in wildfires over the last 48 hours. READ THAT AGAIN… 3rd!! According to NASA MODIS satellite, the data analysed by Weather Sources has recorded over 6,902 fires in Angola (Africa) - that is more than three times the extent of the Amazonian fires - READ THAT AGAIN… (MORE than the Amazon!), and compared to 3,395 in the Democratic Republic of Congo and 2,127 in Brazil.

This is not uncommon for Central Africa. According to NASA, which operates the Aqua satellite, over 67,000 fires were reported ‪in one week‬ in June last year - as farmers employed slash and burn forests to clear land for crops.

Over the last 48 hours, Zambia placed fourth on the list, while Brazil’s neighbour in the Amazon, Bolivia, placed sixth. Indonesia has likewise issued reports of the same crisis with more than 700 fires burning. We are killing our earth. If she dies, we all die.

This is not just about cattle farming - this is about deforestation for farming of every kind, including mining and crops - green food - do you understand??

The issue is not about the TYPE of produce. The issue is about OVER CONSUMPTION and CORRUPT and UNSUSTAINABLE PRODUCTION.

And WE the individuals - the citizens of the world - must make informed choices - not ones based on generalised ideologies. Don’t believe everything you’re fed (excuse the pun!)


Please share - knowledge is power, doing so is going to mobilise action.

This knowledge will land in the right hands, hearts and minds so we CAN ACT NOW and change what we need to change.

Sources AAP, Bloomsberg, Earth Observatory NASA

One Life, One Love