The Presence

 Sat 26 May - Sun 27 May 2018


​Begin living more consciously and
experience the freedom of your true Self

How often have you sat down and meditated in the morning and found a deep sense of
peace and then as soon as you opened your eyes, and started your day,
all of that peace and stillness was lost?

At Isira’s program “The Presence”  you will ​learn how to bridge the gap, and integrate the inner connection and peace you experience in your meditation into your everyday moments.

  • At this potent and life changing two day program, you will discover:
  • - How to reconnect to your true Self in conscious presence, aligning and becoming fully present.
  • - How to recognise when you are fully present, and the energetic cues to remind you when you forget. This is vital to attain a true state of transformation and awakening.
  • - How to bring conscious habits and awakened presence into your everyday moments through your senses.
  • - How to integrate the living stillness and the living flow of ‘life’ energy, bringing love and awareness into your daily life and relationships.
  • - How to move forward, living a life of peace, happiness and liberation.

Isira will share with you powerful and effective practices that focus on integrating the state of presence, so that you encounter your own direct experience of consciousness, and establish yourself as presence on and off the meditation cushion.

During the program you will be receiving a potent energy activation from Isira to catalyse your conscious awakening. This powerful energy transmission activates, supports and amplifies your deepest potential and essence of Self Awakening.

You will leave with clear steps to utilise your energy, through breathwork, meditation and centring your attention in the conscious Self.

Your journey towards living consciously takes commitment, and with your dedication and willingness to apply these simple tools you will move forward in your life with Peace, Love, Truth and Freedom.


The Presence is being held on Saturday 26 May and Sunday 27 May.
Registration is between 9.30am and 10am on Saturday 26 May and the program will run

from 10am to 5pm on both days.


Johnson Room, Crows Nest Community Centre 

2 Ernest Pl, Crows Nest NSW 2065, Australia



Price $495

Approx 307 EURO and 363 USD

Bookings close 16 May 2018

More information

If you would like more information please contact Serena:

email   phone  +61 404 162 285

Alex L., Qigong Master, Perth

The Presence…It’s simple, it’s profound and it works.

Alex L., Qigong Master, Perth

Katja W.

The meditation, I can see, will be of invaluable assistance.

Katja W.

Mark Mc., Sydney

By the end, the stillness of the mind…WOW!

Mark Mc., Sydney

Laraine W., Blue Mountains

The depth of the experience as Presence is beyond words- it feels like Heaven on Earth.

Laraine W., Blue Mountains

Lucinda H., Sydney

I didn’t want it to end! I feel calmer, lighter, freer, hopeful – The Presence is exacly what I have been looking for…I feel excited that something so simple can be life changing.

Lucinda H., Sydney

Mike N., Business Manager, Byron Bay

Loving, clear, concise, practical enlightenment. I recommend all to attend. It should be taught in schools.

Mike N., Business Manager, Byron Bay