The challenging times we are living in

Written: by Isira | Published: October 5, 2018


In programs I have frequently referred to the fact that we are currently in times of great challenge - individually and collectively. There are great forces at work - all as an orchestration for our evolution. This means many are being faced with intense challenges - all of which ultimately serve to expose whatever is misaligned with Truth, and to bring consciousness to those parts of the self that are to be evolved into greater Truth and Love.

Over the last year we have seen many of these challenges - at the individual, collective and global level.

It is important to understand, that whilst it can seem as if we are failing to step into the light, in fact we are being prepared to do exactly this - and no one of us is immune to this process. As I have said many times - awakening does not happen in isolation. We are intrinsically interconnected.

Currently we are entering what is called a Venus Retrograde. This is passing through Scorpio and preparing for Libra (care and service for ‘other). In a nutshell - this is the death of the ego for the greater Self - to serve ‘other'.

Simultaneously, for those who have this passing directly over their natal chart there is a combined conjunction with Uranus - which makes this ever more challenging.

Venus Retrograde in Scorpio can be considered one of the most intense passages for human transformation. It has been associated with the passage of death and rebirth - such as the 40 days and 40 nights of Jesus Christ. It is one of the most mystical transformations, for it plunges the psyche into the deep underworld where one must face the absolute depths of the shadow self (the shadow side of love).

As Scorpio deals with all matters of ‘power’ (death, rebirth, money, prestige, sex, identity) this time can bring very sudden ‘dark’ forces in any one of these areas. And, depending on how an individual has faced transformation in previous cycles - this transit can be an ultimate live or die test.

In other words - you will transform your darkest conditions or ‘die’ (physically or metaphorically), or be cast into an even longer cycle of darkness and demise.

Ultimately this is the preparation for the ‘rising star’. We must strip away the old and that which can no longer serve in order to step into our more evolved self.

So, although it may seem at times cruel and intensely suffering - it is the birth passage for a more liberated life!

To face this with your eyes open will help you experience this as a profound passage - supported by LOVE (Venus) in its greatest power - to bring you into your greatest power (LOVE).

So, what can we say but…. bring on Venus Retrograde!

Infinite Love and Blessings,

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