That is not a life. This is

Written: by Isira | Published: September 19, 2019

What a dilemma we are in. We all recognise the destructiveness of our lifestyle - yet most struggle to break free of the consumer cycle. Humans are addicts. Self destructing ones. The irony is we know it, but we still deny it, ignore it or blatantly continue it. 

WHY?? Because we have emotional attachment to whatever is familiar. Why do you think advertising agencies bombard us from every direction with emotional campaigns that convince you you’re not enough without all their stuff? You’re not beautiful enough, whole enough, important enough, smart enough... blah blah blah. We are slaves to it. Slaves to them. We eat work drive and sleep for it. 

Now here’s the thing. There is a deep part of our brain that is even more familiar with nature. It’s why we feel so deeply soothed by her. However, it can take some a lot more than just an occasional visit to the forest to re-establish a living connection with her. One that means we make nature priority. One that means we believe she is the most important thing to our human lives, to our well-being. 

We are deafened by the noise of materialism that nature’s gentle voice has been drowned out. But make no question of it - she will be heard. She is beginning to scream. Her voice is becoming a roar - demanding we wake up and return to a natural balance. The science is in. Our situation is more critical than previously determined. This is a FACT. We actually do need to ACT now. And if we are going to convince big business and governments to change we need a unified voice - a roar that demands change.