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  • Tara F., Sales manager, Sydney

    DRP has helped me in so many ways. Every day is a constant reminder of how far I have come. I am much calmer. I am more balanced. I relate better to my family. I am more assertive and I like being this way. I like who I am more. I am more proactive and organised. I know I am important. I respect and value myself more.

  • Serena T.

    DRP with Isira produced an enormous shift in me. My processes seemed so gentle yet the result was astounding.

  • Lorene B., Manager

    DRP has changed my life forever. Until DRP, I couldn’t resolve deep core worthiness issues that kept looping and recurring. I am so grateful to Isira, who in a field of consciousness and Truth, facilitated me to be empowered, as myself. Such Gratitude.

  • Michelle M., Marketing Consultant, Byron Bay

    Today I’m in profound state of appreciation of all that we can receive from true spiritual teachers like Isira, while maintaining a self-loving autonomy. There is no dependence anymore but there’s no bitter denial of what we can get from a true teacher either (as some seekers fall into, which is a shame). This particular experience with Isira was literally a lifeline at the time – or perhaps a soul-line. It was the beginning of…