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  • Sophie K., Terrigal NSW

    There could be no greater blessing than to have a consultation with Isira. It has been so for me and for my family. As consciousness that Isira is, there is a seeing and knowing. Isira is so full of understanding and love. Questions are always answered. A shift always occurs. Infinite value for money.

  • Lena C., Singer, Coogee Sydney

    I have been having a particular issue for about 3 years. I finally bit the bullet and saw Isira, as it was becoming unbearable and I was suffering daily from worry and anxiety. Well, i should have gone sooner! She gave me such clarity and helped me to understand what my whole being knew all along. I felt such a relief that i could not stop crying tears of joy. With so much love and…

  • Amita C., Programmer, USA

    It is such a great blessing and privilege to be guided by Isira! A rare opportunity to receive Divine Love, Inspiration and guidance - the kind of acceptance, understanding and compassion that one cannot even dream of in an ordinary worldly life. One consultation with Her can change life dramatically. Both my son and I have benefited enormously from Her wisdom and love over the years.

  • Trish Q., NSW GP

    I have had over 26 years of training and experience in general practice, psychotherapy and mindfulness. There have been many doctors, therapists and supervisors all of whom have beautifully contributed to that journey. However, I have never met anyone who even comes close to Isira’s profound depth of wisdom. I have such gratitude, that at this stage of my life I have discovered Isira. I know Isira can lead me towards love and truth because…

  • Tara F., Sales manager, Sydney

    DRP has helped me in so many ways. Every day is a constant reminder of how far I have come. I am much calmer. I am more balanced. I relate better to my family. I am more assertive and I like being this way. I like who I am more. I am more proactive and organised. I know I am important. I respect and value myself more.

  • Serena T.

    DRP with Isira produced an enormous shift in me. My processes seemed so gentle yet the result was astounding.

  • Lorene B., Manager

    DRP has changed my life forever. Until DRP, I couldn’t resolve deep core worthiness issues that kept looping and recurring. I am so grateful to Isira, who in a field of consciousness and Truth, facilitated me to be empowered, as myself. Such Gratitude.

  • Michelle M., Marketing Consultant, Byron Bay

    Today I’m in profound state of appreciation of all that we can receive from true spiritual teachers like Isira, while maintaining a self-loving autonomy. There is no dependence anymore but there’s no bitter denial of what we can get from a true teacher either (as some seekers fall into, which is a shame). This particular experience with Isira was literally a lifeline at the time – or perhaps a soul-line. It was the beginning of…