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  • Tara F., Sales rep, Sydney

    I learnt a lot especially around how to deal with the conflict in my life. I can see and understand it more now and bring more awareness and love to these situations. 

  • Jo D., Artist, Sydney

    I have a deeper understanding of how I can be the greatest love and consciousness I can be. 

  • Amy

    The weekend gave me an insight and introduced me to the way of embracing consciousness and love and letting go / replacing the lifelong habits.

  • Catherine B., Belgium

    I feel I have been taught not only through words, but through a transmission of energy as well. As the weekend unfolded, so did the love and peace in my heart. I feel so grateful. 

  • Lydia V., Music teacher and therapist, Sydney

    Isira takes ancient truths and makes them accessible for the modern mind. After 2 days, I walk away with many threads now unified and a stronger intention and rejuvenation of my practice. 

  • Leigh K., Qi Gong and Yoga teacher, Melbourne

    This is a very simple but profound practice! I feel loving, I feel free, I feel light and dedicated to keeping this state and these practices alive!