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  • Joshua R., Therapist, Sydney

    Isira provides a very rare reflection and confirmation of what I love and am deep within.  Her presence is an implicit acknowledgement of this.  With this acknowledgement comes a vast freedom from, and loosening of, the limitations of what my mind believes that I am.  In being with Isira I have the opportunity to be seen (and see more deeply for myself) what I truly am.  It is a tremendous gift.

  • S. Sunder, Brisbane

    I absolutely enjoyed the satsang through webinar.  Isira's realisation could be felt through her eyes - the light they emanated.  In the past I have been in contact with yogis and Swamis and enjoyed the peaceful force which always nourishes and refreshes me.  It is a privilege that we have Isira now in flesh and blood, who could speak directly to us in our level.  It is just wonderful.  Thank you!

  • Ann, Maine USA

    Thank you dearly for offering a webinar that the whole world is able to access. What Isira shares and embodies resonates deeply with me. I am grateful. With deep love, joy and laughter.