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  • Lina R., Massage therapist, Leura NSW

    I have always longed to connect with the truth of myself and my true essence; and why my soul is here on earth at this time. The awake conscious energy field of Isira has slowly and lovingly given me the tools and guidance to help awaken and to facilitate me in very simple ways to connect me with The Essence of my true being.

  • Lorene B., Manager, Sydney

    The first time I sat in Satsang with Isira my heart was “penetrated” by the arrow of Truth. I felt and experienced a Truth I had never known before and felt such overwhelming Love for everyone and everything... Nothing compares with this Love, this Truth, this experience of being...and so I sit, forever grateful for the “coming home”...

  • Anonymous, Sydney

    Tears start in my eyes and shivers run through my body as Isira tells us who we are. I am so grateful for this blessing, this Divine presence in my life.Thank you Isira! Thank you for being so true, down-to earth, loving, deep, solid, clear, open, free, freeing…being in your presence ignites the God-Self within.

  • Will K., Sydney

    Isira offers a fantastic opportunity to sit in the presence of a highly awake being. I had been on the spiritual path for about 5 years before meeting Isira. During this journey I had never come across anyone, in person, who had such a powerful impact on me. It is a great gift to have these meetings available.

  • Ian B., Sydney

    I came to Satsang with Isira weighed down with anger, resentment and insecurity, feeling that I could not be touched or moved by any experience. I left with completely different feelings. Feelings of energy, lightness and peace.