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  • RoA – Jennifer B., New Zealand

    Thank you Living Awareness for a wonderful retreat experience. I especially found the early morning yoga sessions helped to establish a clear intention and setting for the day to unfold from. Isira your beautiful power continues to shed light, pour light – on all that is forgotten and shrouded in mystery. You are so wonderful. 

  • RoA – Kim R., Film maker, Sydney

    My deepest gratitude for such an empowering and profound experience. My soul feels so touched by the teachings it has been opened to this week – forever moved by the Presence of Love. 

  • RoA – Dane F., Sydney

    The sheer love, joy and benediction that radiated out of you, Isira, and what was facilitated over the few days brought me not only to more depth and harmony within myself but the opportunity to share it – and I know now the way forward is to open as many doors as I can and allow love to be shared because that is its very purpose – it is our purpose. 

  • RoA – Glenn W.

    Isira has a very powerful energy. I found experiences I had in the past were very magnified with her strong energy. I was also taken to places I haven’t been before, sacred still, light places.

  • RoA – Betty C., Cremorne

    Deep gratitude has arisen a number of times that I am honoured to be blessed with attending this retreat. It feels like the tip of the iceberg in what could be known and understood. It is only on coming to these retreats that I am learning to break through the barriers which prevent me from being my true self. 

  • RoA – Gareth A., Corporate Manager, Sydney

    I’ve been lucky enough to go on many retreats over the last decade, but none like this! I now know that Masters / Awakened Ones / Angels exist - and that they are magical!!  Isira’s teachings are beautifully simple and simply beautiful.