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  • Consult – Amita C., Programmer, USA

    It is such a great blessing and privilege to be guided by Isira! A rare opportunity to receive Divine Love, Inspiration and guidance - the kind of acceptance, understanding and compassion that one cannot even dream of in an ordinary worldly life. One consultation with Her can change life dramatically. Both my son and I have benefited enormously from Her wisdom and love over the years.

  • Consult – Lena C., Singer, Coogee Sydney

    I have been having a particular issue for about 3 years. I finally bit the bullet and saw Isira, as it was becoming unbearable and I was suffering daily from worry and anxiety. Well, I should have gone sooner! She gave me such clarity and helped me to understand what my whole being knew all along. I felt such a relief that I could not stop crying tears of joy. With so much love and…

  • Consult – Sophie K.

    There could be no greater blessing than to have a consultation with Isira. It has been so for me and for my family. As consciousness that Isira is, there is a seeing and knowing. Isira is so full of understanding and love. Questions are always answered. A shift always occurs. Infinite value for money.