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  • Pilparri, Collaroy, Australia

    I gave this program a 20 out of 10 because I was not just learning theory. Isira understands what she is teaching from a deep level and can help us “experience it.”

  • Bernadette

    This is the first time I have met Isira in person and her presence is profound. Her words and love made a huge impact on me. Thank you Isira, I look forward to the next workshop.

  • Carolyn B., Sydney, Australia

    This weekend taught me so much, with so much clarity, and in so much truth.

  • Trish Q., Perth​

    I loved every moment of this 2 day program, dropping into the love that is. I am leaving “really” feeling the power of consciousness. Thank you Isira.

  •  Serena N., Copywriter​

    This is my first program with Isira and it exceeded my expectations. Isira communicates her tools for connecting to the real self with eloquence, love and common sense. I really like that she pointed out how seated in science her process is.