My secret to good health

Written: by Isira | Published: May 22, 2019

People have always been curious about my diet and lifestyle. I get a lot of comments about the health and glow of my skin, but even more so when people find out how old I am (I’m 52 today and couldn’t be happier or healthier!). 

My age usually sparks even greater curiosity: wow, how do you do it?... what's your secret?? And actually, the truth is really - it’s no secret. What we put in our bodies, how we eat and live, has the greatest impact on our overall health. I was very conscious of this from a young age. So, for at least 35 years, I have been drug, smoke and alcohol free. (I did try some of these things but realised at a young age they were disastrous for me!), and also mostly had a sugar free, whole/ natural food diet. 

I’ve gone through different phases with that and discovered my own body’s different sensitivities and needs (which I believe is really key for everyone - rather than generalized diets). Inner peace also does a lot for us. I spontaneously meditated, practiced yoga and experienced deep transcendental states from a very young age. I then actively cultivated this throughout my life. 

Everything I teach is based on this. If we want the right experience, we have to apply the right principles. This has been my life journey. And it’s truly wonderful to see how many people are embracing a more conscious life now. It is a great blessing and joy to be such a deep part of so many peoples journey of awakening. May we continue to thrive as we awaken together. And may your journey be one of greater love, joy and wellbeing.


One Life, One Love.