Mastering Meditation


Product Description

  • In the Mastering Meditation online program Isira gives you a deeper and more profound understanding of meditation. She also delivers some of her most powerful and foundational methods of meditation, leading you to the direct experience of consciousness.

  • When you know the core framework of meditation you will fully understand why the continuous application of meditative practices are so important to your overall health and wellbeing. Helping to fuel a consistent practice routine. 

In this program you will also discover:– The key factors of meditation and how they relate together.

  • – What you can really expect to experience in mediation. 
  • – How to create the right environment to enhance your meditation experience.
  • – How to fully engage your conscious awareness in your daily life.
  • – How to anchor more deeply in the here and the now.
  • – Meditation tools and exercises that you can use daily.
  • – What leads you into the most natural and deep meditative states.
  • – How to go into actualised states of deeper consciousness, realisation and presence.
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