Personal Consultation

Ask your most important questions of a personal or spiritual nature.

There are very few enlightened teachers who offer the possibility of 1:1 with them. In a personal appointment with Isira, you will feel comfortable to ask your most important questions of a personal or spiritual nature in an atmosphere of complete trust and security.

With compassion, love and enlightening wisdom, Isira will help you gain insight, new understanding and clarity surrounding your personal, spiritual and life issues. From there you can use your new understanding to make changes within your life.

Consult – Lena C., Singer, Coogee Sydney

I have been having a particular issue for about 3 years. I finally bit the bullet and saw Isira, as it was becoming unbearable and I was suffering daily from worry and anxiety. Well, I should have gone sooner! She gave me such clarity and helped me to understand what my whole being knew all along. I felt such a relief that I could not stop crying tears of joy. With so much love and gratitude.

Lena C., Singer, Coogee Sydney

Consult – Sophie K.

There could be no greater blessing than to have a consultation with Isira. It has been so for me and for my family. As consciousness that Isira is, there is a seeing and knowing. Isira is so full of understanding and love. Questions are always answered. A shift always occurs. Infinite value for money.

Sophie K., Terrigal NSW

Consult – Amita C., Programmer, USA

It is such a great blessing and privilege to be guided by Isira! A rare opportunity to receive Divine Love, Inspiration and guidance – the kind of acceptance, understanding and compassion that one cannot even dream of in an ordinary worldly life. One consultation with Her can change life dramatically. Both my son and I have benefited enormously from Her wisdom and love over the years.

Amita C., Programmer, USA

How to book and make an appointment

Isira offers Personal Consultations either online or in person (Sydney Australia)

Once you have filled in your booking form (click the button below) Serena will get back in touch with you during Sydney Australia office hours (9am to 5pm Monday to Friday) indicating the next available appointment day and time.


Individual: one-hour session 220 AUD

Approx 136 EURO and 162 USD

Couple: one-hour session 340 AUD

Approx 211 EURO and 250 USD

Payments & refunds

After your appointment date and time has been confirmed, Serena will send you a link for you to make payment.

You must pay immediately, for your appointment with Isira to be held. Please note there are no refunds after you have made this payment. You can, however, change your session time if another time is available.

Pay online

You are able to do this after confirming your appointment date and time with us.

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