Other Programs & Retreats

Isira continues to offer a range of programs and retreats that she has taught over a span of several years. Each year there is a new program.
Let us know if you are especially interested in any of the programs below and it may move up in the schedule.

The 7 Attunements

The 7 Attunements have been developed to re-attune you in a simple yet extremely powerful way to the truth of what you are: consciousness, love, energy, here… Whether using the Attunements during a heated encounter or in deep, silent contemplation, the effects are instant and irrefutable

Repeated use of this technique will help you to break out of the habit of incessant thinking and reacting, and re-align you to pure consciousness. It cultivates unity via the acquiring of conscious habits and the breaking of unconscious ones.

Available very soon as an HD recording

Whilst most of us realise the necessity and benefits of meditation for a more awakened life – many remain unsatisfied or even frustrated with their meditation practice. Very few teachings, or teachers, have the capacity to lead the practitioner into actualised states of deeper consciousness, realisation and presence through the art of meditation.

In Mastering Meditation you will learn what meditation really is and how to integrate it into your life. Not only will the program help you gain a different experience while meditating on your ‘cushion’ – you will begin to take meditation into your daily life as a lived experience.

Mastering Meditation will cover how you can experience more natural and deep meditative states,how to use your breath to naturally and effortlessly how to engage your conscious awareness fully and the three keys to sustained meditation.

Available as a recording in 2018

The Presence 2

The Presence 2 starts where The Presence 1 “leaves off” and is for those of us who want to go deeper, wider, higher and further.

At this level of the practice you begin to KNOW that you are a creator. You will directly experience your inner power and consciousness – heart awareness and Presence; transform and dissipate unconscious manifesting loops and circumstances; and be able to direct your life, consciously, from your inner power.

In this program Isira facilitates specific energetic and meditative practices that align you directly with the power within, so that you may respond to life and manifest consciously.

WisdomHeart: embodying compassion

Do you want to ‘love yourself’ but don’t know how? Do you yearn for peace and resolution in your relationships, yet it seems to elude you? Have you ever wondered what true compassion feels like?

At this 2 day program you are initiated beyond concepts to integrate wisdom with the love within. You will learn how to bridge the gap between theory and the experience of being the living embodiment of our highest potential … Compassion.

WisdomHeart is the call to the power within each of us, now ~ to love all and heal all.

Breath of Life

With masterful breathing you can begin to create the life that you really want. This program connects you to your breath – the very essence of life, taking you beyond shallow habits and unconsciously blocked energy.

Through three foundational methods of breathing you can become the master of your emotions, unlock healing and intuitive powers and experience the states of pure awareness that reveal your true self as freedom, love and peace.


“Every degree of success is directly proportionate to the degree and method of application. The beauty is that simple, clear and true methods lead to the fastest attainment. When energy, consciousness and prana are directed in the right way, states of awakening and mastery naturally follow.”  -Isira

In this 6-week course you will experience and apply ancient and modern practices and tools that lead to a life of Self Mastery.
Drawing upon her own enlightened experience, Isira delivers penetrating insight along with simple, yet powerful techniques, that unlock your own greater awareness and give you the way to live from a more Masterful state.

The REAL Life Process

We’ve all heard that human suffering is caused by our resistance to “what is”. We’ve also heard that it is possible to be in peace and joy even when things don’t seem to be going “our way”.

For most of us all of this is easy to understand with the mind, but how do we move past the concept to truly experience the acceptance and peace we all long for? How can we step into being fully and gloriously alive?

Through the three phases of Resolution, Empowerment and Enactment Isira guides us to a new way of being with life, to new possibilities for living powerfully, creatively and purposefully. 

Life Purpose

Why am I here? What’s my life’s purpose? How can I make the most of my life? What is this life all about?

What if you had the opportunity to hear and put into action the answers to all of these questions about your life? What if you could change and expand your view on life and discover the real wonder of why you are here and what you are here for?

At this life changing 2-day program Isira is a catalyst for you to remember your life purpose. She guides and supports you to understand that you are here for a reason, and everything you need is within you.

The Presence Retreat

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Pilgrimages to sacred places around the world

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