Now that I've got your attention

Written: by Isira | Published: October 19, 2019

This is an attention seeking post! 

Well, that is actually the truth. However, the question is a matter of attention for and within you. The more you can master your own attention the more you will master your own life experience. This is why I teach breathing methods as a foundation for awakening - it is the easiest and most direct way to strengthen the quality of attention. 

Benefits of Attention: 

  1. When you develop your attention you can master your moods, you can choose to focus on the stories in your mind or you can give your full attention to the moment. 
  2. When you attention is fully in the moment you will find freedom. 
  3. It is with great attention that you can achieve great things. 
  4. Attention illumines and magnifies, so whatever you bring to it will grow. 
  5. The power of attention exists within you - therefore you have the power to transform, awaken and create a wonderful life. 
  6. It is with great attention that every master attained enlightenment. 

Breathe deeply, with attention. Practice mindfulness - it’s a great form of attention development. Engage your senses - these are doorways of attention and help anchor you in the now and as my father used to always say to me (for which I am truly grateful!) Pay attention!

In Loving Oneness,