No amount of money, oil or gold is worth more than the trees, bees, and healthy reefs

Written: by Isira | Published: August 24, 2019

There are some things in the world we cannot do without - clean air and water, healthy soil, biodiversity and a balanced environment. These are fundamental to life - without these we suffer and deplete life. We in fact put the future life of ourselves and all creatures in great peril. 

Other things like capitalism, currency, materialism and the economy are not fundamental forces of nature. We invented them. They are not immutable. We can change these things. We cannot change our need for the fundamental elements of life. Yet we behave as if our fundamental needs will go on forever despite our exploitative disregard of the very lifeblood of earth we are utterly dependent upon - all for ‘greater economy’. 

It is both senseless and dangerous to rank money above the environment. To continue doing so is to put all of life in peril. 

Now it is up to us. 

Our choices and actions hold the power to effect great change. 

Believe in your self... YOUR actions, your choices... your love counts!


One Life, One Love.