My New Year's Day Experience

Written: by Isira | Published: January 4, 2020

This is where I spent my ‘New Years Day’. Celebrating cycles, seasons and significant days has been part of our human nature for millennia. Giving our focus and attention on a particular day is something we do. And it’s certainly something that can deepen and enrich our experience. But it can also highlight the gaps between such days. Are we truly living each moment? Do we recognise the newness and wonder of life unfolding every day, moment to moment. Are we fully appreciating the gift of life?

This is the Numabulla River, flowing through the ancient land of the Nalbo and Dallambara people. Imagine how many ‘New Years’ have come and gone here! Imagine how deeply engaged we all once were with the living power of each moment.

Rivers are powerful places. They are the flow of life. Always changing, a ceaseless unfolding, a synergy of forces carried throughout the ages of creation, both ancient and new. They are powerful demonstrations of life’s impermanence. All is passing and the new is arriving moment to moment to moment. They are powerful places to restore right alignment with oneself and creation. When visiting a river you can be deeply restored. You can allow the flow to carry away all that is old, to let it go, let it pass. And you can welcome the new.

Next time you are at a river try this for yourself. Find a place to sit - especially on a rock in the middle of the stream if possible. And if you can be fully immersed in the river then all the better. First sit with your back to the flow and let the energy pass through you. Let it carry away all that no longer serves you. Let it energetically wash through you. Surrender. Give thanks for the passing. Then turn and face the stream. Open your heart, mind and soul. Welcome the new. Allow yourself to receive what life is bringing you. Feel the renewal of life within you and all around you. Give thanks for the gift of life. 💛 May you find the flow of life within you and all around you. 💛 May you celebrate the renewal of each moment and find the gift of being full present... always here. Always now. 💛 Happy New Now to you!