The importance of living life in openness

Written: by Isira | Published: January 28, 2020

I just had an incredible day of creative development with my team. Feeling deeply fulfilled, I took a wander outside and was instantly greeted by this magnificent magnolia that had opened into full bloom.

What a beauty! What joy it brought me to see this creation. It seemed to be the perfect reflection of the day I just had - feeling grateful that I work with souls who share the principles of working in deep presence and openness. And that led me to reflect on the nature of life - how open it is. How it just keeps opening and opening and opening with its ceaseless flow of life.

A flower bud does not keep itself closed. Life is an open system. Is it any wonder then that our world is struggling? We have based all our constructs on closed system models and beliefs. The stories we are told and the things we are conditioned to believe perpetuate a closed mentality. Our narratives put us in boxes. Yet life itself is an open flow.

All that is meaningful and matters is rooted in the nature of openness. Love is an open heart. Understanding is an open mind. Joy is an open beingness. Imagine then if we could change our belief structures to align with the true nature of existence - as open. Rather than repeating history, stuck in our entropic mind loops, we might open to even greater possibilities during these times of radical change. New ways emerge with openness.

Perhaps it is time to learn from nature, to admit that there is far greater risk in staying closed than there is in opening. Imagine what we could create if we could all open our minds a little more!

  • Open your heart and love will grow.
  • Open your mind and possibilities will show.
  • Open your soul and joy will flow.



One Love, One Life.