Life Coaching

For those who need to discover true purpose and goals and the necessary strategies and tools for application.

Drawing upon over 30 years of experience, knowledge and enlightened insight, Isira will assist you to formulate a clear process to clarify your purpose and goals and be given the strategy, steps and tools to implement your higher vision.

Life Coaching – Trish Q., WA General Practitioner

I have had over 26 years of training and experience in general practice, psychotherapy and mindfulness. There have been many doctors, therapists and supervisors all of whom have beautifully contributed to that journey. However, I have never met anyone who even comes close to Isira’s profound depth of wisdom.

I have such gratitude, that at this stage of my life I have discovered Isira. I know Isira can lead me towards love and truth because that is what she lives. Isira is the most loving being I have ever had the privilege of meeting. If you are looking for life coaching what more could you ask for?

I am at a small crossroads in my career and I was uncertain what to do. Over six sessions I have gained clarity on how to move forward. Naturally it requires moving beyond fear and towards openness and love. I also have been given practical ways to do that and was able to record a lovely meditation that will facilitate my way.

In a spiritual sense coaching with Isira is like open communication with consciousness. You can see it in her eyes and feel it in her voice. The way forward is love and Isira embodies it.

Trish Q., NSW GP

How to book and make an appointment

Life Coaching is a series of 6 hours of sessions, usually structured over 5 weeks and with a week between each session.  Your appointment with Isira is available either online or in person (Sydney Australia).

Once you have filled in your booking form (click the button below) Serena will get back in touch with you during Sydney Australia office hours (9am to 5pm Monday to Friday) indicating the next available appointment day and time. 


Life Coaching 6 hours of sessions @ $440/hour - $2640 AUD

Approx 1,652 EURO and 1,945 USD

Standard additional hourly rate $550 (available after completing your first intensive DRP program.)
However if you book an additional 3 or more hours the discount rate of $440/hour applies.

Payments & refunds

After your appointment date and time had been confirmed, Serena will send you a link for you to make payment.

You must pay immediately for your appointment with Isira to be held. Please note there are no refunds after you have made this payment. You can, however, change your session time if another time is available.

Pay online

You are able to do this after confirming your appointment date and time with us.

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