With penetrating insight Isira presents us with Enlightening
wisdom to help us live a more conscious life

Isira's Short Biography

Written: | Published: June 18, 2017

“To awaken and experience true peace, joy and freedom you must first see your Self as you truly are… you are consciousness.”

Isira was born conscious and awake ~ awake to the world around her and awake to her true nature, eternal love and awareness.

As a result, her life has been extraordinary.

Isira was born and raised on what the indigenous call Kaurna land in South Australia. Around the age of 2 she openly displayed awakened consciousness. As a child she was rejected as a misfit, rebelled and left home as a young teenager to live on the streets. During that time, she was raped, beaten up and almost murdered.

By embodying unconditional love and compassion, Isira was able to meet these and other traumas and challenges in atypical ways with unexpected resolutions - showing the power of love and consciousness.

At the age of 18 Isira made a vow of life devotion for the peace and awakening of humanity - to live her life as a gift for all, to touch all in the power of Love.

When a young adult, Tibetan Lamas, recognising her as an important incarnation, fetched her from Adelaide to take her to the Himalayas, to be ordained by HH the Dalai Lama. After intense realisations and yogic preparation, including Yogic consciousness, Isira realised that she was to return to the West.

She realised she was to teach, not from the trappings of any lineage or religion, but rather from the essence that underlies all religions - the consciousness of Love. Love embraces all and is open to all.

Between the ages of 27 and 30 she experienced profound illuminations and transcendental states of awakened awareness. Consequently, she realised that her life’s mission is to serve all beings with the truth and love she discovered within her direct experience of Self-Realisation. This is how Isira facilitates and teaches.

Over the years, Isira has been acknowledged and recognised by masters and elders from Eastern traditions, Native American and African elders and Aboriginal Australian elders.

Isira was reunited and initiated with her Australian indigenous bloodline as a Mirning woman. Working with elders she continues to be a voice to bridge understanding between aboriginal and non-aboriginal people, and to bring forward the ancient indigenous wisdom for a universal understanding.

In Bali, Isira, known as Maha Dewi Isira, supports and assists Bali in maintaining its vital role as a spiritual vibration for the whole world. This includes her timely messages that are crucial to regain balance at a time of rapid change as the modern world influences and impacts the new generations of Balinese.

As an enlightened teacher Isira is a compassionate and powerful advocate for conscious change throughout the world. Her life is dedicated to facilitating conscious awakening, and catalysing the inherent power in all of us. As each individual awakens they can achieve their greatest potential and make a real difference in the world. Isira calls this Holistic enlightenment.

Isira offers the invitation, the tools and the environment for humanity to consciously awaken and live consciously through her teachings and making herself available as a speaker, advocate and advisor.

You can read more about Isira in her Autobiography - Buddha on the Dance Floor.