Hope is the fabric of our hearts and truth of our souls

Written: by Isira | Published: March 3, 2020

“Hope is not ‘out there’ somewhere. It’s here in you, and me. It’s in the fabric of our hearts and truth of our souls.” 

Let’s face it, life as a human can be challenging! We can struggle to understand ourselves and the world we live in... yet despite the overwhelming stories we are fed, we are, for the most part, loving, caring, passionate, imaginative beings. It’s hard to remember this in a world that is faced with great crisis. There is such a strong focus on the conflicts that it’s easy to feel anxious and hopeless. Sadly the statistics of depression and anxiety reflect this growing trend.

Yet if we take pause, and look closely at ourselves again, we discover that the source of our greatest hope lies within our very self.

It’s here, in you and me. It’s in the fabric of our hearts and the truth of our souls. It’s the love within us that tells us there is great possibility for a more compassionate and just world. And it’s the truth in our souls that can guide us to higher solutions. When we acknowledge this in our selves, we can recognise it more readily in others. It’s through this that we find common ground and trust. With re-awakened hearts and souls we can come together in great vision. We can rise, empowered and inspired, knowing that when united in love and truth our future looks amazing! We can revision our future and recreate our world. Look what we have achieved in a world that has been so full of fear and lies. Now imagine what we can create with love and truth! The future is US. WE are the hope. We are the ReGeneration. Let us reunite in love, restore what matters most, and regenerate our world.


One Love, One Life.