Freedom from the past is available when you show up in the present

Written: by Isira | Published: May 19, 2019

When people discover the level of abuse and challenges I faced in my youth they are usually astounded by the freedom I embody. (You can read my autobiography: Buddha on the Dance Floor, if you’re curious, available on The Awakening Place). But this capacity is not exclusive. We can all cultivate a state of greater freedom. I have written extensively about this in my latest book: Awakening YOU. 

Within this book I also give an introduction to The 7 Attunements (the 7 qualities of enlightenment). When we align consciously with these it actually cultivates the enlightened state. I delivered the full depth of these Attunements as a whole program - you can find that as an online program (The 7 Attunements, also available on The Awakening Place) But for now I want to share with you the most important key as stated above: 

Freedom from the past is available when you totally show up in the present. 

When you use the Attunement - I AM HERE, it creates a powerful vibration. Why? Because no part of your mind (including your subconscious) can refute it. 

This creates a powerful grounding of consciousness in your being. It anchors you in the present moment. It has the power to pull all the parts of you fully into the now. And once you are fully engaged in the now you experience a quality of freedom that is only attainable in present moment reality. THIS is the gateway to enlightened being. 

Try it yourself. The more you use this Attunement the more you will notice yourself fully engaging in present moment awareness. Gradually all those little moments of breathing fully in the now will soothe your soul and remind you of what is REAL and what is not. You will receive more nuggets of gold in the NOW than you will ever find in the mind caught in the past or dream of the future.

May you reconnect to the freedom within you.


One Life, One Love.