'Evil' arises when we do not take responsibility for our dark side.

Written: by Isira | Published: April 10, 2020


Our shadow-self is our responsibility, and ours alone.

The notion that another can die for our sins does not support a society to act with self-responsibility. It is the abdication of our own accountability that leads to greater atrocities. In denying ourselves the responsibility to meet our own shadow, it’s darkness continues unchecked. And it is the denial of our own light that leaves us in the darkness.

Here we are, in a world suffering the weight of the unmet shadow. It’s the face of corruption, greed, tyranny, wanton destruction of the environment, disregard for the well-being of all. This is what happens when society is not equipped to understand the human nature from its darkest pits to its greatest light. When we are not given the tools to know and understand our own nature and to take responsibility for ourselves.

We all have a shadow side. It’s up to each of us to acknowledge this, and to consciously meet it, with love, with presence. It is this which leads us to understanding, to change for the better. It is this that grows a more conscious and liberated society. Let’s hope the examples of historical figures become motivation to embody greater consciousness, rather than the figures we unconsciously use to excuse our own darkness or to deny our own light.

Let’s acknowledge the light of consciousness that exists in each of us - that with it we can rise above our own ignorance and act with loving awareness and care for all. Let us consciously embrace all we are, and in doing so, become whole again.May you know the power of your own consciousness, and live, fully, from here.
One Life, One Love.