Reconnect to your true essence through the grace and power of Isira’s life
changing programs. Discover the insights, tools and practices that will enable you
to awaken and live a life of greater love, joy and freedom.


Awaken your more enlightened self as Isira facilitates your personal transformation with powerful teachings, tools and practices. Isira will help you to turn your enlightening concepts into your own direct experience.

Online Live Events

Discover, connect and interact with Isira wherever you are in the world through her powerful online programs.

Satsang & Meditation

Being in the energy field of an enlightened being can help bring about shifts in your life that you didn't imagine possible. Be guided by Isira’s profound energy and insights as she leads you in, meditation and conscious investigation.

Retreats & Sacred Pilgrimages

Immerse yourself in the grace of conscious presence. Retreat is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. With all the distractions removed, you will be guided with enlightening tools to reconnect deeply with your true self.

Premium Products

Premium Programs are HD video recordings of Isira's live programs. They have been put together to enable you to take the program, in your own time, module by module, and as often as you would like.

Recorded Programs

A growing selection of Isira’s live programs are being captured, edited and offered as audio and HD video programs to people from all over the world. A recorded event captures the power and presence of the original event and allows people to listen and watch them in their own time.

Other Programs & Retreats, in person with Isira

Isira continues to offer a range of programs and retreats that she has taught over a span of several years. Each year there is a new program. Let us know if you are especially interested in any of the programs below and it may move up in the schedule.