Reconnect to your true essence through the grace and power of Isira’s life
changing programs. Discover the insights, tools and practices that will enable you
to awaken and live a life of greater love, joy and freedom.

Truth Talks with Isira

At a Truth Talk with Isira, you’ll have the opportunity to join a live-streamed event where Isira will lead you in a meditation, share conscious wisdom through Satsang and answer your questions. If you are unable to join the live event, a recording will be available afterwards in Isira's online hub - The Awakening Place

Live-streamed Truth Talks with Isira have been timed so that wherever you are in the world you can attend. The time listed is in Sydney Australia (AEST).

Retreats and Pilgrimages

At a Retreat or Pilgrimage with Isira, you will immerse yourself in the energy field of enlightened being, while recognizing and honoring your own 'true self'. Isira's loving and transformational energy supports you to awaken a part of yourself that can be difficult to access in everyday life.

2 Day Intensive Program with Isira

At a 2 day Intensive Isira invites you into your own direct experience of truth, love, consciousness, empowerment, and awakefulness. Over the two days Isira shares relevant tools and practices; and delivers a program that is in alignment with your needs.

Future 2 day intensives are currently being scheduled. In the meantime, you can access recordings of Isira's previous programs online.