Earth does not belong to us. We belong to her

Written: by Isira | Published: May 27, 2019

Today is Reconciliation Day in Australia. ‘Sorry’ day. This day is full of so many mixed emotions, thoughts, narratives. I am Ngamalaja Ngankari, Yarre Wayame- a Woman of earth, of Indigenous heritage, of mixed heritage. I am consciousness, soul, eternal life. And in my heart I know the trauma and pain of my ancestors, and I know that these pains are not separate from any other human - for we are not separate beings - we are ONE connected life. 

This is why reconciliation is relevant to us all. It is an invitation for us to restore true relations, sacred law and the reconnection that is essential for all humans to regain peace, harmony and balance again with ourselves and all life.

This is not about sentimental history. Nor is it about a single day - it is about a return to sacred relation with each other and earth every day.

This is about the very living reality we are experiencing here now on this land, and for that matter, all of earth. 

This is a call to all hearts and souls for healing and unity. 

This is about restoring our world for a better future. May we come together in honour, love and unity.


One Life, One Love.