Our leaders need to know that deflection and avoidance will not work anymore.

Written: by Isira | Published: November 16, 2019

Our leaders need to know that deflection and avoidance will not work anymore. Our leaders need to know that our eyes are OPEN. We are awake to what is happening. We SEE them. We SEE what they are doing, what is happening, what is being done and what is not. And we are saying - WE ARE NOT LOOKING AWAY. We are saying to our leaders, to those in power, you must open your eyes, ears, minds and hearts too. To fail to do so is to put all of us, and all life in peril.

But rather than focus on blame and guilt and shame and hate - what if we were to evoke an irresistible invitation? What if we see this time of crisis as one of great opportunity?

Multinationals and the elite are addicted to power, right? Well there’s nothing more powerful (for business or leaders) than having the worlds citizens respect, support and applaud you. These giants have the money and wherewithal to truly make a difference and to be applauded for centuries to come. If even one of these multinationals were to change tack, to convert and invest all operations into sustainable production, they would have the status of heroism. And our leaders have the opportunity to catalyze this change. Those in power have the greatest opportunity for change of all - to become true leaders - to become heroes instead of the demons they are currently proving themselves to be.

Let us be the invitation. Let us be the roar that says no more - YOU WILL JOIN US and together we will be the change.


One Love, One Life.