Deep Resolution Process

For those who need to resolve core blocks to make true change in their life.

If you feel you have deeply rooted conditions that hold you back and you don’t even know where to start, then the Deep Resolution Process (DRP) is for you. Isira takes you by the hand in your intent to align with and step into your highest Truth.
DRP is an in depth one-on-one program developed by Isira, combining hypnosis and her own unique skills to unravel the subconscious patterns that inhibit your ability to move forward in your life.
With expertly focused facilitation, Isira supports you to move through core blocks, unconscious issues and recurring patterns, in order to get the breakthrough you truly seek.

DRP – Tara F., Sales manager, Sydney

DRP has helped me in so many ways. Every day is a constant reminder of how far I have come.
I am much calmer. I am more balanced. I relate better to my family. I am more assertive and I like being this way. I like who I am more. I am more proactive and organised. I know I am important. I respect and value myself more.

Tara F., Sales manager, Sydney

DRP – Lorene B., Manager

DRP has changed my life forever. Until DRP, I couldn’t resolve deep core worthiness issues that kept looping and recurring. I am so grateful to Isira, who in a field of consciousness and Truth, facilitated me to be empowered, as myself. Such Gratitude.

DRP - Lorene B., Manager

DRP – Michelle M., Marketing Consultant, Byron Bay

Today I’m in profound state of appreciation of all that we can receive from true spiritual teachers like Isira, while maintaining a self-loving autonomy. There is no dependence anymore but there’s no bitter denial of what we can get from a true teacher either (as some seekers fall into, which is a shame).

This particular experience with Isira was literally a lifeline at the time – or perhaps a soul-line. It was the beginning of a much more conscious stage in my unfolding journey.

Michelle M., Marketing Consultant, Byron Bay

How to book and make an appointment

Deep Resolution Process is a series of 6 hours of sessions, usually structured over 5 weeks and with a week between each session. Your appointment with Isira can be either online or in person (Sydney Australia)

Once you have filled in your booking form (click the button below) Serena will get back in touch with you during Sydney Australia office hours (9am to 5pm Monday to Friday) indicating the next available appointment day and time. 


Deep Resolution Process 6 hours of sessions @ $440/hour - $2640 AUD

Approx 1,654 EURO and 1,953 USD

Standard additional hourly rate $550 (available after completing your first intensive DRP program.)
However if you book an additional 3 or more hours the discount rate of $440/hour applies.

Payments & refunds

After your appointment date and time had been confirmed, Serena will send you a link for you to make payment.

You must pay immediately for your appointment with Isira to be held. Please note there are no refunds after you have made this payment. You can, however, change your session time if another time is available.

Pay online

You are able to do this after confirming your appointment date and time with us.

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