It's deep connection that fulfills us, not possessions.

Written: by Isira | Published: September 28, 2019

Have you noticed how addicted to material things humans are? Have you ever wondered why? How can we be so driven to seek possessions when the thing we most deeply yearn for is connection? 

At the most immediate level the problem is in marketing. We are sold an emotional story - that’s what makes a successful product. Not necessarily the object itself - but the story associated with it. But this only works so well because at a primary level we are so disconnected as individuals and society, that we have a deep seated sense of lack. 

We are ripe for this fools game because we are so diminished. We have been disconnected from the things that really matter for so long that the emptiness inside is desperately seeking emotional meaning. And all around us we are presented with so many alluring emotions: get this and you will be happier, smarter, more beautiful, more successful... The promises are big and never ending. But sadly they are not fulfilling. 

Because no superficial object can deliver true, deep, soul fulfillment. There is no true emotional substance to be found in any object - just fleeting gratification. Only connection can bring us fulfillment. Real connection. With our self. With each other. With our fellow creatures. With creation. With consciousness. It’s not possession that we yearn for, it’s deep connection we most need.

Next time you catch yourself craving a new possession ask yourself - what am I really seeking? 

Then take some time to connect with yourself first. Connect with nature. Connect with another. 

Then ask yourself, do you really need that object?


One Love, One Life.