Day Zero. The dates rivers and dams that supply water are expected to run out

Written: by Isira | Published: September 20, 2019

Meanwhile, in Australia - the driest continent in the world (aside from Antarctica) - we are experiencing an extreme and prolonged drought - one of the worst in decades. That last line in the above image says: major rural towns run completely dry. 

That’s not just oh, there’s not much water. Read it again.... COMPLETELY DRY. And our government is considering extending expansive coal mining rights into 2048 - to mines directly responsible for depleting water sources in our Sydney catchment area. 

To say we (i.e. our Government and those who still believe coal mining is necessary for Australia’s economy) are blindly steering our car towards a looming cliff is an understatement. This is a time that demands our voices. To stay silent in the face of looming crisis - yes CRISIS (this is a FACT - not an understatement) is not an option. 

Each of our voices are needed. We must take a stand and demand the change that is urgently needed now! Please petition - search search search for every possible way to oppose these mining rights. And JOIN the Strike for Climate tomorrow. Our environment is drastically threatened - we are staring into the face of irreversible devastation.

Planet earth needs our hearts and minds to unite for the good of all life on earth. 

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The more people know the more powerful our voice will become.

For the love of Earth.

One Love, One Life.