The disturbance of the world is a cry for inner connection.

Written: by Isira | Published: September 22, 2019

We have been so deeply conditioned to focus on external events that most people don’t realise all the problems we are facing are the result of a deeper underlying cause. 

The environmental crisis, political instability, mental health epidemic, systemic corruption... every crisis we are faced with is a symptom of profound disconnection. Disconnection from our true self. Disconnection from nature. Disconnection from each other. Disconnection from creation/ creator. 

If we go to the root of our problems we will always find this: disconnection. The task then is for us to reconnect. To re-establish our relationships with our self, each other and the rest of life. Only then can we hope to rebuild our world. For only then can it be built on the foundations of connectedness rather than divisiveness. 

This is why awakening is the critical key for the world now. As we awaken again to our true nature - that we actually are ALL connected - we begin to see our self in everything and everyone. Only then will we have the emotional substance that builds a world of loving consciousness. Only then will we turn this ship around. And turn it around we must. 

This is our task - to awaken the truth within, that the truth can be revealed in all. The greatest journey you can take for yourself and the world is the one to your innermost being. May the light of consciousness be your guide.

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