Conscious Coaching

Discover for your self the life-changing results of conscious coaching with Isira
Move past your blocks, uncover your true purpose and become your most
conscious self. Through masterful facilitation that is exceptional and rare Isira can
help you achieve your highest visions.


In private consultations Isira provides a level of expertise and enlightenment that results in life-changing transformation. She is a powerful facilitator of conscious transformation and resolution with over 30 years’ experience in teaching, counselling, coaching and facilitating individuals.

With clarity, compassion and direct insight, Isira will help you:

  • Find the answers you need
    Overcome personal challenges
    Achieve deep transformation and true change
    Clarify your goals and accomplish the results you seek
    Create the life you truly desire

Ask your most important questions of a personal or spiritual nature.

There are very few enlightened teachers that offer the possibility of 1:1 with them. In a personal appointment with Isira, you will feel comfortable to ask your most important questions of a personal or spiritual nature in an atmosphere of complete trust and security. With compassion, love and enlightening wisdom, Isira will help you gain insight, new understanding and clarity surrounding your personal, spiritual and life issues. From there you can use your new understanding to make changes within your life.

For those who need to resolve core blocks to make true change in their life.

If you feel you have deeply rooted conditions that hold you back and you don’t even know where to start, then the Deep Resolution Process (DRP) is for you. Isira takes you by the hand in your intent to align with and step into your highest Truth. DRP is an in depth one-on-one program developed by Isira, combining hypnosis and her own unique skills to unravel the subconscious patterns that inhibit your ability to move forward in your life. With expertly focused facilitation, Isira supports you to move through core blocks, unconscious issues and recurring patterns, in order to get the breakthrough you truly seek.

For those who need to discover true purpose and goals and the necessary strategies and tools for application.

Drawing upon over 30 years of experience, knowledge and enlightened insight, Isira will assist you to formulate a clear process to clarify your purpose and goals and be given the strategy, steps and tools to implement your higher vision.

For those who wish to step up to the next level of excellence — personally, spiritually or vocationally.

If you are already on your path or purpose but feel you are stagnating or just not getting everything aligned, Master Coaching can help you uncover the core blocks and discover the right aspects within your vision, skills, strengths and weaknesses in order to evolve and accomplish your higher vision.

For those who wish to achieve higher results as trainers, managers or leaders, in relation to themselves and the collective.

Available for individuals in positions of leadership who wish to excel, accomplish higher visions and become more conscious, effective and empowering leaders. This tailored program facilitates and provides the skills and tools needed for the individual’s empowerment, greater effectiveness and higher accomplishment in relationship with others.