To be connected with earth is to be connected with life

Written: by Isira | Published: October 12, 2019

The lifestyle of our modern world is so distanced and cut off from Earth it’s no wonder most people feel so depleted of life. We are living in an insulated, artificial world. We separate the soles of our feet from the ground, and therefore from the soul of Earth. We close ourselves in concrete towers unable to receive the vitality of earth's living towers - the ancient forests and mountains. Without our living connection with Earth we diminish our life. And so, to her we must return. If we are to be filled with life and to know life, we must reconnect with nature. 

I took this image in central Australia. It is Katatjuta, one of our ancestors' most sacred sites. I can’t even begin to convey the potency of life contained in this wonder. It is a repository of primordial energy and creation stories, of cosmic forces revealed and held, a field of life like no other. I will be journeying with a select group to this place in March next year. To walk on this ground. To be returned to nature, to sleep under the stars, to feel the pulse of earth... this is sacred life. 

This is my invitation to you... wherever you are, reconnect with Earth and you will be renewed in body, mind and spirit.


One Love, One Life.