Our Times

  • Today is a significant day

    Today is a significant day. Today, the sacred rock - Uluru - was reinstated as the sacred place it is: as a place of ancient, historical and current relevance. She is truly a center: of power, of ancient lore, creation laws, a universe of past present and future dreaming. She is the sacred ground of our First Nation people, of our ancestors, past, present and future. She is the creation field, a source of anchored…

  • This is us… our world. All in the name of convenience.

    We are literally swimming in the toxic soup of our own shortsighted, irresponsible, filthy greed. But the greatest tragedy is not just that we are doing this to ourselves, but that we are doing it to ALL life on earth. We have been sold the story (and all it’s products) of convenience. But why has this been such a vigorous, successful sweep across the world? Why are we so attached to ‘convenience’? And why are…

  • This is our home. Our world is burning.

    This is not just OUR home. Millions of lives are being killed. Our world is in peril. This is our wake up call, not for our own spiritual awards, but for the sake of all life on Earth. THIS IS GOING TO BLOW YOUR MIND!! The Amazon blaze in Brazil is actually only third in the world in wildfires over the last 48 hours. READ THAT AGAIN… 3rd!! According to NASA MODIS satellite, the data…


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