Awakening and Regeneration

Written: by Isira | Published: June 22, 2020

From the time I was a young child, I recognised that the people all around me were deeply disconnected and that this severance of spirit was directly related to the collective conflicts reverberating around the world. Clearly, this disconnection was the root of great suffering and conflict. 

As I grew to be able to articulate what I saw and understood I recognised the need for a great awakening – not just within individuals – but the collective of humanity. We are now at a turning point in history, where we have come face to face with the global consequences of our disconnection – to spirit, to the earth that nurtures us and to each other. Challenges of unprecedented scale and complexity are calling us to recognise that all is interconnected, that we are one. These very challenges beckon us towards conscious awakening, now. 

Albert Einstein famously stated, “No problem can be solved on the same level it was created.” We would do well to heed this wisdom in our current situation. For it is only a higher state of awareness that can lead us in the right direction.

Clearly, we are faced with problems of a scale that deserve a new approach. Yet a challenge this is! It is because our world is so disconnected and dominated by conditioned thinking that history keeps repeating itself. We have continued to recreate the past because we have been caught in a certain level of thinking and being. Ironically, we have never been more globally connected by technology, and yet so disconnected from our true essence.

Our foundations are fractured. We are deeply disconnected individuals and a deeply divided world. As long as we approach our challenges in the same manner, or from the same divisiveness, we are at risk of continuing down the same track. We urgently need to reconnect, to awaken. This is the critical shift needed on the planet today. 

With our reconnection and awakening we can access a totally different level of intelligence: a higher consciousness. This is imperative to restore our self, each other and the world.  It is conscious connection that has the true capacity to see above and beyond the problems we face, to inspire new vision, to ignite great creative power, to act as an agent of truth, to lead the way and regenerate our world.

Bridging the divide

Unfortunately spiritual seekers are often led to believe that awakening or enlightenment is something separate from the world, or a ‘get out of here’ ticket – as if the world is something to renounce or transcend. Conversely, the worldly population do not recognise the critical need for a deep spiritual connection – that it is essential to create a life of true meaning and wellbeing. The blame or solution is ‘out there’ or somewhere ‘beyond’. So, on the one hand spiritual seekers often withdraw from the world, and in the process, abdicate their responsibility from the collective events, and on the other, worldly people are in denial of their individual part in the crisis and unable to bring the spirit needed for true resolution.

Here is the thing – awakening must, and does, incorporate both. What is needed now is a conscious relationship that bridges the inner realm of spirit, and the world as a whole. This is what it means to reconnect. This is what regeneration takes.

Awakening demands we recognise the roots of change and awareness lie within us. But it also beckons us to play a conscious role – to remember our interconnection with the world - to be conscious, responsible citizens. Our awakening is not in isolation, nor is it for our own individual benefit. Rather, it is a process of restoring wholeness.  There is an indivisible link between us and the rest of the world. With awakening comes the realisation - that we ARE the world. It is only through restoring our conscious connection that we can know this, not just as a concept, but as a direct experience. 

Without a deep personal awakening, the true knowing, the realisation of our connectedness, and therefore interdependence, remains nebulous. We need to experience this at a deeply felt level to truly realise that as we do to another, we do to ourselves. Only then will we be equipped with the level of consciousness needed to respond to the planetary crisis we face.  And only then will we embody the depth of care necessary to usher in a time of regeneration for the world. We have been looking for a revolution, perhaps in the wrong ways. 

The real revolution is conscious evolution.

Our consciousness contains the vision and hope we are looking for. It is this which has the power to fuel true and lasting change. It’s a change that begins within each individual.

As the individual reconnects with Self, they begin to reconnect with ALL life. As we restore wholeness within our self, we resume a conscious part within the whole. We return ourselves to a true relationship with life. Our enlightenment is not an ending; it is a beginning and a return. We resume our sacred part in existence.  We recognise that remembering our true nature is not to be coveted, but rather imparted and acted upon for the greater good of all.

I have always seen that awakening is ultimately the great work to regenerate our world, not to escape it. It is a duty of care and responsibility to all life.  The process of awakening is in fact a process of regeneration. It is a remembering, a returning, a reunion, a restoring. 

Restoration is at the heart of our solutions.

The solutions to our global crisis involve a restorative process. It is a reclaiming of information that already lies deep within us. This knowledge is held at the deepest level of our humanity, of our psyche as earth people, and is still held by the Indigenous people of our world. This wisdom enabled our First Nation People to live consciously and sustainably, in harmony with the natural world for more than 60,000 years. 

If we look closely, we see the same fundamental laws that underpin all Indigenous societies. I call this the 4 Pillars of Lore. The central tenet is connectivity: all life is connected and when we know and live by this, we ourselves are profoundly connected with all, and act from a place of reverence. 

But this connectivity is not just a metaphysical thing, it is the underlying law that ties together all our living relationships - with the spirit within ourselves and all, with our place in the natural world, our kinship with family, and all living beings, our relationship with the cosmos and the creation laws that bind all living things. These are the intrinsic threads of a whole system. 

When all these threads are intact we are whole, we are connected. We are conscious. We are caring responsible humans. However, when one of these threads is severed it has a domino effect. When many are severed, chaos and collapse ensues. The moment we are disconnected within ourselves, from each other, from spirit or from the natural world around us, is the moment our vision becomes distorted and impaired. We are cut off from life, from the universe. Without correct vision or connection we cannot act in right accord. We are no longer conscious beings.

The 4 Pillars of Lore provide a clear and universal map that is relevant to all life and all times. When understood and upheld consciously, these fundamental laws provide us with a guiding system for whole, sustainable living, in our here and now. When we use this map, we are able to restore our connection with life, to live in harmony with each other and the world surrounding us.

My commitment to catalyzing awakening has always been about this - to restore our living relationship with the whole of life. It has never been just about an individual’s liberation. It is about a global regeneration – a 360 degree change – from the inside out. The regeneration of spirit, of truth, love, connectedness, responsibility, reverence, sacredness, and loving care for all beings. This is how we will truly revolutionise, regenerate and restore our world.

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