Australia is facing an extreme crisis of catastrophic proportions

Written: by Isira | Published: November 11, 2019

We are in the midst of a crisis of unprecedented levels. The fires here in Australia are so extensive and like “nothing we have ever seen before.”

More than 100 fires are burning across the eastern coast. NSW has declared a state of emergency for seven days. 600 schools have been closed. So far 3 human lives have been lost, countless creatures and wildlife has been devastated and more than 200 homes destroyed. And to make things even more frightening “the fire danger is worse than originally forecast” with conditions set to reach catastrophic conditions tomorrow.

This is an extreme time in many regards. There is great anger rising at the complacency of our government in the face of environmental crisis, and lack of real and necessary action. Yet, more imminent is the sheer fear in the face of this devastation. The loss is incomprehensible. People’s lives are at risk, have been lost and completely turned upside down.

So rather than getting lost in the debate of climate change versus natural fire cycles - let’s bring our attention to something much more present right now - the terror and pain so many people are facing. Let’s focus all our love and prayers on these people and regions - and our wildlife. Lets collectively vision a wave of calm energy to quell these fires. Let’s muster all the compassionate support we can. The impact of this devastation is not over. A huge amount of loving and generous support is going to be needed. Please check your area, stay tuned in to the ABC - they are providing continuous live updates and notifications.

And find out how you can help your own community or those nearby. Get online and stay updated to see how you can support. Here is a link to start the donations rolling in.