An Extraordinary Journey

Isira’s life has been an extraordinary journey both in the
mainstream and the spiritual world. So who is Isira?

About Isira

Isira is a pre-eminent spiritual master, advocate for conscious change and social commentator from the Aboriginal land of Kaurna in Southern Australia.

Ordained by His Holiness the Dalai Lama and recognised by Balinese high priests as a ‘Female Buddha’, Isira has delivered thousands of mindfulness and conscious development programmes around the world.

Raped and nearly murdered aged 16, Isira uses her own life as an example of resilience and hope for society and understanding and resolving what she describes as ‘social illnesses.’

Isira is a provocative commentator on gender, immigration, mental health, human values and other social issues. With precision, clarity and wisdom, Isira dissects and analyses the many facets of the human condition to expose the root causes for current suffering, so that we can recover and restore our true nature and selves – before it’s too late.

Isira presides over silent retreats, pilgrimages, intensive mindfulness programmes, and online courses for people of all backgrounds. Internationally, Isira works with community leaders and governments to recognise and reduce symptoms of societal harm, and support wellbeing through living in a full state of consciousness.

While Isira has been recognised as an incarnate master, and been initiated in Tibetan Buddhism, the ancient earth rites of the Aboriginal Australian, Native American and African Eldership, she is independent of any particular tradition. Of  Indigenous bloodline, she is inclusive of all her heritage, and is an advocate for the conscious development of all people and the restoration of our world.

“I am Universal. I am not of one religion, one lineage, one race or one country. My lineage is consciousness. My religion is love. And the world is my sacred home.”

Isira is the author of several works, including Awakening You and the autobiography Buddha on the Dance Floor.