An Extraordinary Journey

Isira’s life has been an extraordinary journey both in the
mainstream and the spiritual world. So who is Isira?

About Isira

Isira’s sole purpose is to serve the awakening of humanity.

Her message is simple  ~ To live a life of true happiness, peace and freedom you must first see yourself as you truly are… you are consciousness… you are powerful beyond measure.

Isira was born conscious and awake ~ awake to the world around her and awake to her true nature, eternal love and awareness.

As a result, her life has been extraordinary ~ the childhood pain of being rejected as a misfit; living as a street kid; facing violent assault; being recognised and collected by Tibetan Lamas, only to return to marriage and motherhood; ‘terminal’ illness self-healed; and discovering her secret Aboriginal heritage.

Through these and other deep mystical encounters, worldly traumas and challenges, Isira was able to meet each situation in unexpected ways. Embodying unconditional love and compassion, and revealing powerful love and enlightened being.

Today, Isira is one of the few living Masters bringing about deep conscious change through her presence and spiritual teachings.  She is a teacher, public speaker, writer, and facilitator for human conscious development, dedicated to the awakening of humanity. Isira’s regular Satsangs and discourses draw people from across Australia and around the world. And she has been featured in worldwide forums, radio, television and film and has delivered more than 1500 programs over the last 30 years.

Her wisdom and teachings provide people seeking Truth and Consciousness a way to transform, and to live fulfilling, happy and more enlightened lives.


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