Grief  - An Inspiration

Some of the greatest challenges and conflicts that we experience are rooted in our inability to acknowledge the impermanence of life, to accept change, and to work with change in ourselves and the events that happen around us. As a result, we experience many different layers and levels of grief.

When we do not compete with events that have changed, and we do not want those changes, feelings and thoughts become trapped in the deeper our subconscious mind. This creates a multitude of behaviours that are developed to protect this layer of woundedness - fear, disconnection, the sense of loss and more. And these behaviours can take many different forms. Fundamentally, they comprise what we call the pain body.

So, nearly everyone has an active pain body. And that is because these wounds that have been encountered have not actually been processed, consciously.

The Gift of Grief - Isira’s Guided Online Workshop