How can you resolve grief? - A meditation

How can you resolve grief?

Taking the time to look within allows you the space to acknowledge these feelings to be present, in this space of presence, we find a different level of awareness arises to rest into the process to lean into the pain, here in this space the insights emerge and growth occurs, as simple as taking some time to reflect with yourself. Acknowledge this and be there for yourself.  

Meditation ~ to come back to what is 

It is only natural to grieve…

Grief can arise from unexpected or unwanted changes.


It is easy to get attached to how we expect life to be.

In 2020, so many expectations have been upended!


Grieving is an invitation to come back to what IS…

to find the  true nature of life.


Give yourself space and time for these feelings

Embrace a new level of awareness. 


Resolving grief can be as simple as taking time to reflect within… 

Acknowledge how you feel.


Life itself has the intelligence and power to carry you through every change, every process of transformation.


Be. Here. Now