Exploring Consciousness - A Meditation

Exploring Consciousness.

Engage on a deeper level of enquiry to awaken the ability

to consciously explore and reignite our inner curiosity. 

Meditation ~ to engage fully with life

Begin to see things as they really are

Allow the cracks of light in again


Come together 

Reconnect with your innermost presence

Share the spirit of your meditation


Consciously explore yourself

What is your inner landscape?

What are your inner conditions? 

What obscures your ability to engage with life?


Harness your power of awareness – free of all judgments

Be present to conscious exploration


Dive into your inner realm, here and now

Notice your qualities of observation and witnessing

Behind the thoughts, behind the events is you, fully aware


This is your power

To explore yourself

To explore each moment To explore life consciously

This is yours – it is here, now