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  • What exactly is awakening?

    Awakening has no exact definition. This is because Awakening is about a process of shifting from the unconscious states of the ego driven identity to a conscious and experiencing state of Self as the eternal awareness and Oneness of all life. It is also because it is a state in which we transcend definition and become pure being. In the ego driven state a person experiences life dominantly through the constructed identity and perception of…

  • Self-awareness and the power of beliefs

    Opinions begin to shape us from the very beginning of our lives. Based on our early interactions with our families, teachers and others, we all develop generalisations about who we are and what our relationship to the rest of the world will be. These generalisations – a collection of stories, beliefs and identifications – form the basis of our own sense of personality and our way of interpreting the world around us. Becoming aware of…