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  • Motivating Conscious Being

    Most spiritual seekers would agree that meditation is central to the journey. And, most honest seekers would also agree about a shared frustration: the apparent struggle to maintain motivation for the practice. Over the many years I have been sharing conscious presence, I have heard this same enquiry arising in most people: ‘Why is it a struggle to keep up the practice?’ It seems that for many people the energy to apply oneself to meditative…

  • Awakening – go beyond the limitations of your mind

    Have you noticed that the more conscious you become, the more you recognise your limitations? Ironic, isn’t it, that this greater awareness reveals just how little we really do know. The more awareness we have the more we see how small and confined our field of experience is! Initially, when we are so identified with the body-mind; it’s as if we are living in a fishbowl. We really believe that our fishbowl is the whole…